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Learn more about the world around you while you explore your interests, discover your passion and choose your path. An education from Western means getting involved in research that matters alongside expert faculty, working together to create a better tomorrow.


Western is committed to engaging in leading research to answer some of the world’s most complex challenges, including global climate change, social justice and equity and sustainable development.

As a mostly undergraduate university and the highest-ranked public, master’s-granting university in the Pacific Northwest, students here have unparalleled access to prominent research positions early in their academic career. These opportunities will put you at the center of discovery, while helping you gain practical experience and have a part in changing the world.


Take part in research that interests you, from ecological research in biodiversity and solar energy, to music studies and design techniques. Some of the leading research currently happening at Western includes:

Western researchers were awarded a two-year, $309,304 grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to study the impact of energy efficiency on local housing prices. The Institute for Energy Studies at Western is a multi-college collaboration that offers interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees to address the science, technology, policy, business and economic aspects of energy systems.

Partnering with the Building Performance Center, three Western faculty members will use the grant to examine a wider range of homes than has been previously researched to calculate a home’s expected annual energy usage, to test whether more efficient homes sell for a premium. The new data will add perspective on how upgrading the energy efficiency of a less efficient home affects its market price.

Faculty members in Western's Engineering and Design Department have been awarded a pair of grants totaling over $160,000 by Washington’s Joint Center for Aerospace Innovation. The grants will fund two projects to address challenges in aerospace manufacturing.

The Industrial Design major focuses on multiple design projects, and students often collaborate with industry experts and leading companies including Microsoft and Glosten Associates in the Seattle area. Recently, students collaborated to develop and market the first completely transparent solar window, winning first place and $75,000 at the United States Environmental Protection Agency competition in Washington, D.C.

Western is home to the Vehicle Research Institute (VRI), which was awarded the People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) Student Design Competition grant by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This unique competition that is open to teams of college/university students working to design solutions for a sustainable future. A recent VRI team was the only U.S. university-based team in the finals of the Progressive Automotive X Prize — a $10 million prize to build a 100-mile per gallon car.


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Why Study Abroad?


At Western you will receive all the benefits of a small college, with individualized attention and small class sizes, but with all the choice and opportunity a large university can offer. Learning in a supportive environment, you will explore new ideas to become a well-rounded citizen, and broaden your knowledge and skills to graduate ready to seek new opportunities.


Students at Western learn both inside and outside the classroom with experienced faculty who are willing to go the extra mile and support students through every challenge. 99% of all classes are taught by faculty, 74% of which hold the highest degree in their field. Our professors and teachers will play an active role in your education, from collaborative research to advising groups and study tours.


A strong liberal arts tradition means ambitious international students can explore every interest and craft the right education experience. Universities in the USA often offer a liberal arts education, meaning you will focus on your degree while also taking classes to give you a broader knowledge and varied approach to learning, helping you become a well-rounded global citizen. With the freedom to learn a bit of everything, you will thoughtfully choose the right degree for your future aspirations, and you can supplement your education with a second area of interest.


While gaining hands-on experience in your degree, you will be supported by mentors and have access to career services to seek opportunities and grow your network. Students at Western go on to exciting careers for leading, global companies including Amazon, Boeing and Microsoft. You will graduate from Western as a dynamic professional, ready to make a difference.

Lucy from Korea

"I came here as an exchange student and the first goal was learning English. And I studied English for a year. And then I fell in love with living here. I love the nature. I love the faculties, people, students, environment."

Lucy from Korea

Studied Intensive English Program (IEP)

Progressed to BA Environmental Studies