International Study Center

Take the first steps towards your future with degree preparation at Western Washington University International Study Center. Our Global Pathway Programs are designed with international students like you in mind to support you to succeed.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad may be one of the greatest experiences you can choose for your education and your life. You can experience a new culture and immerse yourself in a new education system while making lifelong friends, gaining new skills, and learning more about the world. There are lots of options to consider before studying abroad in the USA, but you will gain an incredible experience unlike any other.

Start at the International Study Center

As an international student studying abroad and experiencing a new education system for the first time, you may need additional support to adjust to living in the USA and support to reach the academic level required.

At the International Study Center, you will learn in a supportive environment from expert staff who will help you develop your academic skills and personal skills, preparing you for success on campus, in your degree, and for your future. You will be part of the active student life at Western from your first day, with access to events and facilities.

Global Pathway Programs

The International Study Center has two Global Pathway Programs, leading to degree-study at Western:

Our Global Pathway Programs will help you prepare with the academic skills you need to pursue your interests. You will live and learn on Western's green campus, with full access to the University's facilities. Your classes at the International Study Center will allow you the unique opportunity to experience university-style teaching, with the support of dedicated faculty.

Global Pathway Programs

international students sit at table in shared study space at Western Washington University

Our Global Pathway Programs will prepare you with the skills you need to progress to study a degree at Western Washington University.

Supportive Education Abroad

At the International Study Center, we will support you while you adjust to life in the USA, join the Western community and student life, and work to reach your goals. You will learn in dedicated classrooms alongside other international students in small classes, giving you the one-on-one attention you need to ask questions, receive help, and gain confidence in your abilities.

Studying in our supportive environment will give you a community of people who understand the challenges of studying abroad and are ready to celebrate your successes.

Prepare for Your Future

We know you want to achieve great things, and we want to help you reach your goals. That's why throughout your Global Pathway Program at the International Study Center, we will support you to prepare for your career and your future. Our Global Pathway Programs include an integrated career service to help you define your career goals, develop your interviewing skills, and practice resume writing.

Your career development will continue to be supported when you progress through the University, with access to additional mentorship, research opportunities, and internships. The skills you gain through University services will ensure you are ready to confidently enter the working world after graduation.

Career Services

Students networking at a career fair

You will be supported to achieve your goals and prepare for your career throughout your Global Pathway Program and University degree, with access to career fairs, networking, and mentorship.

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