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We will help you become a well-rounded global citizen and work towards your goals. Alumni from Western go on to exciting careers, helping to change the world as an Oscar-winning filmmaker, Tesla Motors engineer, and Peace Corp volunteer.

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Start Your Journey at the International Study Center

Programs at the International Study Center will prepare you to succeed in your degree at Western Washington University.

International Year

Take the first steps towards your future with the International Year program. Offered as a one, two, or three quarter program, you will study a range of subjects to develop your language and core study skills, while focusing on your chosen field.

When you successfully complete the International Year and achieve the required grades you will be able to progress to your undergraduate degree at Western.

English Language Entry Requirements

  • 1-Quarter: IELTS 6.0 (no minimum bands)
  • 2-Quarter: IELTS 5.5 (no minimum bands)
  • 3-Quarter: IELTS 5.0 (no minimum bands)

Course Dates

  • Course length: One, two, or three quarters
  • Entry points: January, April, June, and September

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Anthropology, BA +*
  • Anthropology/Biology, BA
  • Anthropology/Social Studies, BA
  • Archaeology, BA
  • Anthropology/Archaeology, BA
  • Behavioral Neuroscience, BS
  • Biocultural Anthropology, BA
  • Chinese Language and Culture, BA +*
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders, BA +
  • Communication Studies, BA +*
  • Community Health, BS
  • East Asian Studies, BA +
  • English +*
    • Creative Writing, BA +*
    • Literature, BA *
  • French, BA +*
  • German, BA +*
  • History
    • History, BA +*
    • History/Social Studies, BA
  • Humanities +*
    • History of Culture, BA
    • Religion and Culture, BA +
  • Japanese, BA +*
  • Journalism
    • Environmental Studies/Journalism, BA
    • News/Editorial, BA +
    • Public Relations, BA +
    • Visual Journalism, BA
  • Kinesiology
    • Health and Fitness Specialist, BS *
    • Movement Studies, BS
    • Pre-Health Care Professions, BS
    • Pre-Physical Therapy, BS
  • Linguistics, BA +
  • Multidisciplinary Studies, BA
  • Philosophy, BA +
  • Physical Education & Health P-12, BAE
  • Political Science, BA +
    • Political Science/Social Studies, BA *
  • Psychology, BS +*
  • Recreation, BA
  • Sociology, BA, BS +*
    • Sociology/Social Studies, BA +
  • Spanish, BA +*
  • Student/Faculty Designed, BA, BS

College of Science and Engineering

  • Biology, BA, BS +*
    • Biology/Anthropology, BS
    • Biology/Mathematics, BS
    • Biology – Secondary Teaching, BS
    • Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, BS
    • Marine Biology, BS
    • Molecular and Cell Biology, BS
  • Chemistry, BA, BS +*
    • Biochemistry, BS
  • Computer Science, BS +
    • Computer and Information Systems Security, BS ∆
  • Engineering & Design
    • Electrical Engineering – Electronics, BS
    • Electrical Engineering – Energy, BS
    • Industrial Design, BS
    • Industrial Technology – Vehicle Design, BS +
    • Manufacturing Engineering, BS +
    • Plastics and Composites Engineering, BS
  • Geology, BA, BS +*
    • Geophysics, BS
  • Mathematics, BA, BS +*
    • Applied Mathematics, BS
    • Mathematics/Computer Science, BS
    • Statistics, BS
  • Physics and Astronomy +*
    • Physics, BS +
  • Science Education, BAE*

Pre-Professional Pathways*

  • Pre-Chiropractic, PreProf
  • Pre-Dentistry, PreProf
  • Pre-Law, PreProf
  • Pre-Medicine, PreProf
  • Pre-Nursing, PreProf
  • Pre-Nutrition, PreProf
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy, PreProf
  • Pre-Optometry, PreProf
  • Pre-Pharmacy, PreProf
  • Pre-Physical Therapy, PreProf
  • Pre-Physician Assistant, PreProf
  • Pre-Veterinary, PreProf

*The Pre-Professional Pathways are not offered as majors, but can be incorporated into or taken alongside majors offered at Western.

College of Business and Economics

  • Accounting, BA +
  • Business Administration +
    • Business and Sustainability, BA +
    • Business and Sustainability - Energy Studies, BA
    • Finance, BA
    • International Business, BA +
    • Management, BA
    • Management Information Systems, BA
    • Marketing, BA
    • Operations Management, BA
  • Economics, BA +
    • Economics/Accounting, BA
    • Economics/Environmental Studies, BA
    • Economics/Mathematics, BA
    • Economics/Political Science, BA
    • Economics/Social Studies, BA
    • Financial Economics, BA
    • Politics/Philosophy/ Economics, BA
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, BS +

Woodring College of Education

  • Early Childhood Education, BAE *
  • Elementary Education Professional Program *
  • Exceptionality & Disability, BAE
  • Human Services, BA
  • Language, Literacy and Cultural Studies, BAE
  • Nursing (RN-to-BSN), BSN ∆
  • Secondary Education Professional Program
  • Special Education, BAE *

College of Fine and Performing Arts

  • Art *
    • Art History, BA +
    • Art Studio, BA, BFA *
  • Dance, BA, BFA +*
  • Design, BA, BFA +
  • Music, BA, BMus +*
    • Music Composition, BMus
    • Music Education, P-12, BMus
    • Music History and Literature, BMus
    • Music Performance, BMusA
  • Theatre, BA +*

Huxley College of the Environment

  • Environmental Science, BS +
    • Freshwater Ecology, BS
    • Marine Ecology, BS
    • Terrestrial Ecology, BS
    • Toxicology, BS
  • Environmental Studies, BA +*
    • Environmental Education, BA
    • Environmental Policy, BA +
    • Geography, BA +*
    • Geography/Social Studies, BA
    • Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, BA +
  • Student/Faculty Designed, BA, BS

Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Fairhaven Interdisciplinary Concentration, BA, BAE
  • Law, Diversity and Justice Concentration, BA +

Other Interdisciplinary Studies

  • American Cultural Studies, BA +
  • Canadian-American Studies, BA +
  • Energy Policy and Management, BA +
  • International Studies
  • Leadership Studies

+ minor offered (additional minors in a range of disciplines are also available)
* related teaching endorsement offered
∆ requires specialized transfer degree

  • (BA) Bachelor of Arts degree
  • (BS) Bachelor of Science degree
  • (BAE) Bachelor of Arts, Education degree
  • (BMus) Bachelor of Music degree
  • (BFA) Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • (BSN) Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This list of academic programs is subject to change.

International Year Direct Entry
(per year)
$21,800 $21,800
Student Fees
(per year)
$1,930 $1,930
Room & Board
(per year)
$10,971 $10,971

Pre-Master's Program

The Pre-Master’s Program is a one, two, or three quarter program preparing you to study a Masters of Business Administration at Western. You will strengthen your knowledge and deepen your understanding through academic and English language classes, designed to help you succeed in your degree.

When you successfully complete the Pre-Master’s Program and achieve the required grades you will be able to progress to your Masters of Business Administration program at Western.

English Language Entry Requirements

  • 1-Quarter: IELTS 6.0 (no minimum bands)
  • 2-Quarter: IELTS 5.5 (no minimum bands)
  • 3-Quarter: IELTS 5.0 (no minimum bands)

Course Dates

  • 1-Quarter entry in April (Spring)
  • 2-Quarter entry in January (Winter)
  • 3-Quarter entry in September (Fall)

College of Business and Economics

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Pre-Master's Program Direct Entry
(per year)
$28,000 $28,000
Student Fees
(per year)
$1,682.85 $1,682.85

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