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Course-Related Information 

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Are Fall 2021 courses available online?

Western Washington University anticipates that around two-thirds of classes will be in-person for the Fall 2021 quarter, including courses for the Global Pathway Program.

Health Information

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What is the latest US health guidance on COVID-19?

The official updates from the US government provide the very latest information, including health and travel advice (both for those coming into the country and those travelling abroad) and information on current travel restrictions. This is an evolving situation and advice is being regularly updated. Read more information on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

What measures are in place to keep me safe?

WWU is regularly testing any student who has an on-campus presence.  This includes students who are living in on-campus housing or participating in face-to-face classes, as well as athletes, student employees, teaching assistants, or research groups. Visit WWU’s Health & Safety page for more details.

The WWU Student Health Center is an approved vaccine provider by the State of Washington’s Department of Health. For more details about vaccine updates on campus, visit WWU’s Vaccine Information page.

Where can I find out more information about WWU’s protocols and requirements?

Visit the Coronavirus Information pages for more details about WWU’s response to COVID-19.

Please contact Center staff or email for assistance if you have further questions.

What healthcare arrangements are in place if a student becomes ill?

Students often fall ill with everyday colds, coughs, and infections – and our staff are well trained to look after any student that is feeling unwell. Given the current situation, we are extra vigilant of all illnesses.

Please be assured that the US government is well prepared and has put in place infection control measures, and the hospital system is well prepared to manage any further cases should they occur.

If a student falls ill with symptoms that could be coronavirus, they will receive urgent medical attention and will be tested by medical professionals. If the virus is diagnosed, then they will be taken to the nearest appropriate medical facility.

Who should I contact with any other questions?

If you/your child are/is due to begin studies with us soon and you have an urgent inquiry regarding the coronavirus outbreak, please contact for assistance. To help us provide the information that you need quickly, please include your student ID and Western Washington University Global Pathway Program in the subject of your email.

For inquiries related to students who are already at WWU, please contact Center Staff. Alternatively, please contact for assistance.

Travel Information

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Are there travel restrictions for entering the USA?

The official updates from the US government provide the very latest information. This includes health and travel advice (both for those coming into the country and those travelling abroad) and information on current travel restrictions. This is an evolving situation, and advice is being updated regularly.

For more information, visit

What should I do if my travel plans are affected by travel restrictions?

If your travel plans are affected by travel restrictions, please email to discuss your individual situation.

Will I be required to be vaccinated to attend classes in person or to live on campus? What happens if I arrive to the university without a vaccine – can I get the vaccine on campus?

Western will require COVID vaccinations for students, faculty, and staff before returning to campus for the Fall 2021 quarter.

Students will need to verify that they have been vaccinated unless they are claiming an exemption.  If students are unable to get vaccinated because of where they currently reside, the University will provide access to vaccination upon arrival to campus.

Will I have to quarantine upon arrival to the U.S.? If so, how early should I plan to arrive before the start of the academic term? If quarantine is required, will I be able to stay in on-campus housing for this period?

We will provide more details if quarantine requirements exist as we come closer to the Fall 2021 start date.

Additional Information

Student wellbeing is always our top priority and we understand this is a challenging period for you. Students are always welcome to speak with any member of our team at the International Study Center for support. Contact Center staff if you have any questions.

Alternatively, you can send inquiries to

Find out more about starting your studies or check the latest COVID-19 information.