Internationalizing the Curriculum

2016-17 Workshop Participants:

  • Gustavo Camacho-Lechuga (Music)
  • Josh Cerretti (History)
  • Hope Corbin (Human Services)
  • Eduardo Engelsing (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Joshua Fisher (Anthropology)
  • Korry Harvey (Communication Studies)
  • Xichen Jiang (Engineering and Design)
  • Colleen Laird (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Derek Moscato (Journalism)
  • Li Wang (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Eric Wehrly (Finance and Marketing)

2015-16 Workshop Participants:

  • Sura Al-Qudah (Engineering & Design)
  • Garth Amundson (Art)
  • Brian Bowe (Journalism)
  • Andrew Brown (Interdisciplinary)
  • Harsh Buddhadev (Health and Human Development)
  • Cynthia Camlin (Art)
  • Sondra Cuban (Health and Community Studies)
  • Deb Currier (Theatre & Dance)
  • Nolan Dennett (Dance)
  • Cecile Hanania (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Paul James (Anthropology)
  • Jeff King (Psychology)
  • Ron Singleton (Accounting)
  • Theresa Warburton (English)
  • Greg Youmans (English)

2014-15 Workshop Participants:

  • Blanca Aranda (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Javier Berzal de Dios (Art)
  • Michael Burnett (Fairhaven College)
  • Georgianne Connell (Biology)
  • Kristin Denham (English)
  • James Fortney (Communication)
  • Lauren McClanahan (Secondary Education)
  • Christina Keppie (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Monique Kerman (Art History, Liberal Studies)
  • Ying Li (Physical Education, Health & Recreation)
  • Liz Mogford (Sociology)
  • Helen Morgan (Communication)
  • Charles Patterson (Modern & Classical Languages)
  • Hilary Schwandt (Fairhaven College)
  • Nick Stanger (Environmental Studies)
  • Mart Stewart (History)
  • Rosemary Vohs (Secondary Education)
  • Sheila Webb (Journalism)


Vicki Hamblin

Faculty Workshops

A cohort of Western faculty is selected annually to participate in a pair of workshops aimed at helping them internationalize a course. Using tools drawn from the American Council on Education, the Association of American Colleges & Universities, peer institutions, and Internationalization experts, participating faculty learn to re-imagine a course they teach or plan to teach. The workshops also engage faculty in thinking about internationalization at Western and in Higher Ed in the U.S. and beyond. Participants earn a stipend that is provided by the Provost’s Office.



Fall quarter: Selection process

Winter quarter: Workshop 1

Spring quarter: Workshop 2

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