International Studies Minor

About the Minor

The International Studies minor is an interdisciplinary academic program with an intercultural and comparative focus.

Faculty may cross-list their international courses as INTL or list them as electives in the minor.

The International Studies advisor is Vicki Hamblin, Director of CIS and Professor of French.


28 credits to include:

  • INTL 201 Intro to Global Studies (5)
  • INTL 401 Global Issues (5)
  • 4–8 credits from an approved study-abroad program, international exchange, or internationally-focused service-learning experience or internship experience
  • 4-5 credits in a modern language at the 202 level or above; or, 4-5 credits at the 103 level or above for less commonly taught languages
  • Three upper-division elective courses from the following list or other intercultural content courses with approval by the faculty advisor for International Studies; at least two courses to be completed on campus.
    • INTL 302 Global Citizenship
    • INTL 312/FAIR312F Globalizations since 1870
    • INTL 334/FAIR 334F International Law
    • INTL 361/ECON 361 Intern’l Econonics and Business
    • INTL 325 Global Literature
    • INTL 335/FAIR335F Global Biodiversity Science / Policy
    • Or, any upper-division intercultural course with approval of the faculty advisor for International Studies


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